Project Management Certification

The project management certification is offered by a non profitable association for the project management profession which is known as Project Management Institution. It was established in the year 1969. PMI is working with the aim of providing a great value to millions of working professionals all worldwide via sponsorship, advertising and association, maintaining the quality education and research as well. PMI is supporting the millions of careers. It is putting efforts for organizational achievements and also helps in developing the occupation of project management. PMI is an organization which is providing the certifications and tools which are renowned globally. The organization provides all the resources and tools for assisting the academic research and publications.

The project management certification is offered by PMI that recognizes verified talent in leading project teams and effective operations for the projects. If an individual is a skillful project manager, but still he is looking to sharpen his skills, the PMP certification is significant factor a project manager needs to boost his career. The project management certification a globally accepted credential as it meets the global standards and values.

The professionals who want to take this certification test would need to have minimum experience of 4500 hours of managing the projects. The professionals also need to attend the classroom training program for 35 hours which is based on project management. Basically the project management certification is considered as an expensive certification program. It is advised that only serious candidates should think about taking this certification test. The fee required for the certification program is $555. This amount is required if you want to take the project management test. As per eligibility criteria, the candidates should attend the 35 hours of project training classes.

In this way you have afford a really big amount of money for the certification program. But there is a way if the candidates want to cut the fee of the certification test. Actually the fee for the PMI members is only $405. So, if the candidates want to reduce the amount of the fee, then they could take the membership of PMI. The cost of yearly membership at PMI is $135. So, the candidates can take the benefit of becoming the PMI members and can reduce their fee amount. There is one more way to reduce the amount of fee a little bit. Actually the fee for the certification test is only $400 if you want to take paper based testing. So, you can choose the paper based testing procedure instead of computer based testing procedure.

A lot of candidates take the training for this certification test, this training is required because it is an eligibility criterion. So, candidates attend the 35-40 hours of the project management training. The candidates need to pay a particular amount. But candidates could also get the same sort of training online too and the cost of that training is much less than the classroom training. There is no need to pay a big amount of money for this training. Few candidates already have the training experience of 35 hours. Such candidates do not need any sort of certification from the training providing company.

Also keep in mind that few good training providing companies do offer some flexible training programs along with training certification. If a candidate already has the training of project management, then he can save a lot of money. But candidates have to discuss a lot for the less fee of this training. Some training providing companies and organizations would offer their fixed package of heavy fees. The only thing such companies are doing is arranging the classes at expensive hotels or seminar halls, offering some extra benefits or facilities to the candidates. These companies could also offer you the personal training program that would cost you even much more.

The online training programs could also provide a one on one classroom training session. It is told by a lot of candidates that their experience of online training was same as the real classroom program. So, if the candidates want to save their money, they could go for the option of online training program. A huge number of professionals are willing to boost up their career by getting the project management certification. They are also attending really expensive classroom trainings too. The training providing companies would definitely try to charge a heavy fee amount for their training program but it is your duty to bargain and grab the cheapest rate possible in the market.

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