Have you ever thought of being Google Analytics Certified? What is that! This may be the response that someone would give. Well it is a certification that adds an extra skill set to your résumé. It comes about by taking a test called the Google Analytics Individual Qualification (GAIQ) test. I am sure some people are jumping to conclusions right now at the thought of it involving a test. As far as they are concerned if it is a test then it is not for them. But this is the wrong attitude. This is because there are tips and tricks that one can use to get a good test result. First let us consider the benefits of this test.

Benefits of the GAIQ test

  • Self Confidence: This is very important and if you have a phobia for tests then this is one good way to break the jinx; as passing this test will serve as a confidence boost and if you utilize these tips and tricks well then you have a good chance of passing the test.

  • An extra star for your résumé: The certification that one gets from this test will add some level of elegance to one's resume.

  • Extra Knowledge: Knowledge is power and passing this test will offer one with extra abilities that they can use to earn a living for themselves by making good cash through the knowledge attained.

  • Job Opportunity: One can get some job opportunities just by being certified in Google Analytics.

These then brings us to the Tips and Tricks that one can use to pass this test. The GAIQ is a test that comprises of 70 questions with a pass score of 56 or 80%. The test lasts for 90 minutes containing both multiple choice questions and true or false type of questions.

Tips and Tricks for passing the GAIQ test

  • Google Analytics IQ Lessons: These are video lessons from Google. Using this as a study tool is one of the helpful ways to pass the GAIQ test. All you need to do is to take sufficient notes and make sure that you constantly go through the notes and watch the videos over again if you think you need to. The video is quite fast so you may also need to pause it at certain points, make your notes and then continue. But the first step to passing this test is being able to utilize these video lessons to the fullest.

  • Slingshot SEO: You would need to download these tests questions and practice them till you become quite acquainted with them. These questions are usually similar to the one that you will meet on the real test day, so getting to be really familiar with these questions will give you an idea of the kind of questions you will meet on the test day.

  • Optimize your browsers: Most individuals will have more than internet explorer on their laptops or Desktops. They may have others like Mozilla, Chrome, and Safari etc. All one needs to do is to open the test on one separate browser and that will be the only tab opened on that browser. Then with another browser say Chrome or Mozilla they will open Google and other tabs with information about the test. But one must realise that they must work with time here, as the time factor may work against them. And if you do not know what to look for, then there is a chance that you will even waste more time.

  • Start Smart: The best way and smart way to start is to answer the easy questions first. So one is better if they start by answering the questions that they are sure of as those ones will guaranty them a correct score. It is after one is through with this that they can then come back to the less easy ones or the more technical questions.

  • Too Tough, then Pause: This is the beauty of the GAIQ test. You can complete it within 48hours of commencing the test. What this means is that if it is too tough, you can pause it, take a break, review your facts and points and then continue. You cannot however add to the time you have already used up. Therefore, you must apply wisdom here.

If one applies these tricks they will no doubt be on their way towards being certified. So you see it is very possible for you to be Google Analytics Certified. You just need to utilize the information before you properly.

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