For people who are looking forward to getting a certification in ITIL, one thing that will be on their minds is what the requirements are for this certification. Well it will please them to know that the requirements for ITIL certification varies depending on which level of certification one desires. The talk about ITIL has increased in recent times and it is easy to know why this is so. ITIL offers businesses and corporations with useful ways to incorporate information technology into the everyday running of their businesses to ensure for optimal productivity and revenues.

There are many large corporations today and they depend on technology to go by each day. They have got many files, many employers, they receive many mails and a lot of what they do happens in bulk form. It is going to be extremely difficult for such a corporation to do its job manually relying on man power. They will need technology to assist if they intend to make it in this fast moving business world. And this is where knowledge in information technology comes into play.

ITIL: What it means to your business

ITIL stands for information technology infrastructure library. It is a compendium of the best practices for effective information technology service management. It helps businesses grow and helps them to monitor growth. It is uses different methods to achieve this and the latest version of ITIL which is the 2011 version is grouped into 5 volumes which are ITIL Service Strategy, ITIL Service Design, ITIL Service Transition, ITIL Service Operation and ITIL Continual Service Improvement. As their name implies, each volume comprises of the best practices that can be utilized to get out the best for a business in that area be it service design or service operation.

ITIL Certification

Having been able to highlight some of the major key points about the benefits of ITIL for a business, it is good that we have a look about what the certification process entail as this will give us a good look about what the various requirements are. In ITIL certification there are different levels according to the new edition which is the ITIL 2011 edition. The four certification levels are the Foundation, the Intermediate, the Expert and the Master. Each level comprises of different modules which has an examination at the end of it. One receives certification upon completion of each level along with a certain amount of credits. This means that one can be ITIL certified on different levels and it is not compulsory that one reaches the highest level of master. It depends really on what they want and the needs of their business or the requirements of the corporation that one is applying to.

ITIL Requirements

In the same way, the requirements vary. Take for instance, to become an expert one is required to have a total of 22 credits. This can be gotten by going through the Foundation Level which offers 2 credits, the intermediate level which offers no fewer than 15 credits and the Managing across the Lifecycle that offers 5 credits. However if one wants to be a master, one would need in addition to being an expert (which requires 22 credits), at least 5 years of experience in information technology and a good grasp of the ITIL practices.

Other Facts about ITIL

  • The intermediate level of ITIL has two streams that one can use to get the 15 credits. Either one uses the modules in the Lifecycle stream or the modules in the Capability stream. One can also use a combination of modules from both streams.

  • There are also other complementary qualifications that offer one additional credits. So if one has such qualifications already there is a credit profiler tool that one can use to calculate their total credit. This tool can be found on the ITIL website.

  • There are apps for both android OS and iOS that one can use to prepare for ITIL certification. And in our technology driven world this will be good news to a lot of people. The apps have sample questions that aids preparation.

So far we have been able to consider some important facts about ITIL, also stating what it is and what it offers. We have mentioned the certification levels it has and the requirements it will take to attain such certification. ITIL offers businesses a lot of advantages and the knowledge to any individual is incredible not to mention that it will also help to boost their resume.

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