How to pass MCSE certification and get good result?

If you've already decided to appear for MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert), then it is time that you should know what you're getting yourself into, and how you are going to come out as an expert with a good result.

Give respect to the exam

Before you get yourself into this, you should know that these exams are not to be taken lightly. These are difficult. Also, these test don't come for free, they cost you a lot of money. The tests cost you $125 each time you are taking the exams, a nice guide is usually a minimum of $40 and the courses expense is just too much. In the end these examinations might cost you from around $500 to $10,000.

Where to begin

This is a question that is most bewildering, and quite difficult to ask. Yet, you must need its answer. There are a few things you should consider before answering this to yourself. How do you like technical things? How much experience in computers do you have at present? And, most important is how quick you are at learning? You must be honest while assessing yourself, because your next decision is completely dependent on it. Next question you need to ask based on your self-analysis is that whether you should self-study or you should take professional classes. Many amongst who are already working in the same industry go for self-studies. If this is your first time for taking the exam, then it is recommended that one should take the classes. You can also confirm with your boss to find out if they would cover the expense of the examinations and the training. Some companies have provisions to cover these expenses for their personnel.

Things you will require
Now, it is time to spend some of that hard earned money and get the tools that you will need to pass the exams.

  • Make a schedule: It is the best habit to prepare a schedule even before you get down to the actual preparation steps. It is up to you to plan & choose how much amount of time you will need on the studies, practical & practice tests. A good plan will keep you on track, you will be able to concentrate better and make good use of the time available to you.

  • Training materials – You can start by learning the basics of technology, and using the study resources provided online. There are loads of free practice examinations and study materials available readily over the internet. You must use these in addition to specialized books, and software for practice test etc.

  • Useful weblinks – You should bookmark as many sites that contains free information, good study guides and practice tests for MCSE.

  • Build yourself a network - It is truly the most important thing which you need to do. At first it may sound a little expensive but if you go about it carefully it might not be as costly. Find cheap computers to network, assuming you already have one already. You may check with reallocation centres at various companies for a good bargain, or even at some online stores. Also, you can use VMWare to build virtual machines in your existing machine and setup networks through it.

  • Plenty of study time – Give yourself enough time to study for the examination, and before the final day practice as much as you can with the practice papers.

  • Do practice examinations: Take as much MCSE practice examinations as you can and get first-hand experience on pattern & format of actual certification examinations.

  • Take the exam at your best: Make it a point to schedule the exam at your peak hours. Most times people tend to do better in the exams, but it may not be the same for you. Similarly, it is sensible to arrange your examination on weekdays, so as only fewer people are there for taking the examination at exam centre.

  • Take adequate sleep: Make it a habit to sleep adequately during the preparation. Better sleep helps you grasp better. Especially, the night ahead of the examination, you must have a sound sleep. Late night study or a night-out to prepare right ahead of the exam is not going to be of much help, since you will be tired & sleepy while giving the exam, rendering you inattentive and inefficient.

  • Reach the examination centre before the time: Always reach the examination centre a minimum of 15 minutes ahead of the examination. Extra time will help you in finishing the formalities & getting acquainted with the setting at testing centre. You may also go through the significant topics so as to remember better in the exam.

  • Don't panic: In the exam you should avoid a panic, be calm and relaxed. You must go through all the options even when you feel you already recognize the right answer. If you aren't sure the correct answers then try and eliminate the wrong options first. Also, you can tab the doubtful questions and return to them afterwards.

  • Re-check your answers: before you end the exam you must review all your answers. Also, don't forget to return to the skipped questions, answer them at all costs.

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