How to prepare for CAPM certification

First and foremost it's important to point out that for one to obtain CAPM certification you need to pass all the exams provided and administered by the project management institute. These exams are designed to ensure that at the end, a candidate has the fundamental knowledge on concepts, processes and terminologies of project management. The CAPM examination are appropriate to various individuals such as project team members, low level project management practitioner or interested college students willing to pursue project management.

CAPM certification exam structure

The examination is divided into two categories each with varying pricing, these are computer based test and paper based test. One has no personal choice over the named categories. This means you cannot decide on whether to take a computer based test or paper based test version since there are criteria that are provided for one to qualify for either versions.

The exam paper consist of 150 multiple choice question which are derived from the 12 chapters of the project management body of knowledge. The standard duration for completion is 3 hours. Out of the 150 questions 15 of them are pretest questions i.e. they are questions which are used to design future version of CAPM exam and do not affect the score. One cannot easily tell the pretest questions since they are randomly placed. The examination are provided in English language though there language aids at no additional cost for native speakers, for instance Arabic, Chinese, French, Germany just to name a few.

For the computer based test an individual score is received in printed form instantly i.e. exactly after the completion of the exam. While those who take the paper based test version of CAPM and whose availability is limited receive their score in six to eight weeks time. The score indicates whether an individual has passed or failed and provides the score obtained in each content in a percentage form. The pass mark may vary for each test this because test expert deliberate on the minimum score by considering the overall performance of all candidate who sat for the papers at that particular time period. At time the pass mark may as low as 40% or as high as 70% depending on the overall performance. So if you are interested in sitting for CAPM exam you may apply at the project management institution website. Applying for an exam is not enough you still need to prepare for the exam thoroughly.

Preparation for CAPM examination

  • First and foremost it's important to understand the type of questions is examinable in CAPM certification. Going through sample questions found at the end of each topic, tackling questions from previous exams and mock exam are some of the ways of understanding CAPM questions.

  • It's important to understand the project management body of knowledge study guide. This can be achieved through reading it as many times as possible

  • Its also important to form or join study groups. Two heads are certainly better than one. Discussing in groups create synergy, solitude is no friend of success.

  • You can decide to attend classes that offer CAPM lessons. These are mostly provided in colleges where there are project management academicians with a certification from CAPM. Decide on the classes you wish to attend that does not strain and conflict with your work schedule that is either evening classes or weekend classes.

  • Find time for your own personal study. Use that time to take practice exams, this is quite essential since it helps an individual assess hi or her readiness. Some of these practice exams can be obtained for free from sites such as deep fried brain as well as Heldman's books.

  • Make use of flashcards on project management terms and terminologies, this ensure a quick grasp of that seem to be complex terminologies. This is a simplified and easy way revising for the examination.

  • Ensure that you are well relaxed during or before the exam day. Being tensed and studying under pressure may not help much. You may end panicking and probably all that you had studied may disappear.

  • Ensure you are well versed with the right techniques used in answering questions. Having the appropriate question answering technique is essential since one is able to answer the question within the shortest time possible and with right amount of accuracy.

  • During the examination its important to take breaks if necessary to cool yourself down failure to which you may end up overwhelming your mind and this may result to a certain level of stress or may bring about slight head aches.

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