Topics which can make a difference in Prince2 certification

PRINCE2 certification requires you to pass two levels of examination.

  • Foundation Level, and

  • Practitioner Level.

The PRINCE2 Foundation examination is designed to test your knowledge and understanding of PRINCE2. The exam format is as below:

  • Multiple choice questions

  • Total of 75 questions in each paper

  • Duration of an hour

  • Five questions to be for trying and scores not counted

  • 50% marks required in order to pass, that is 35/70

  • Closed book

The Foundation level exam is the first of the two PRINCE2 examinations that you are needed to pass in order to qualify as a PRINCE2 Practitioner.  This level examines if a candidate is capable of acting as a knowledgeable member of a project management team in using the PRINCE2 technique under a project setting supporting PRINCE2. They are required to prove that they understand all the terminologies and principles of the process, precisely, applicants must be capable to:

  • Define the purpose and chief contents of all the roles, the 7 principles, the 7 themes & the 7 processes.

  • Establish that which management product is input to & output from the 7 processes.

  • Establish the key components and chief purpose the major management products.

  • Establish the associations between processes, roles, management dimensions and deliverables of the project.

The PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam is an objective test exam. It requires you to give the best possible answer for a project management scenario. The exam format is as follows.

  • Open book exam (PRINCE2 manual – official)

  • Objective examination

  • A total of 8 questions with 10 items for each question, each of one mark value

  • 55% or more required for passing, that is 44/80.

  • Duration of 2.5 hours, there is no extra reading time

This level targets to determine if a candidate could use PRINCE2 in running and management of a non-complex project in a setting that supports PRINCE2. In order to prove it they require to display the capability required in Foundation qualification, & demonstrate that they are capable of applying and adapting PRINCE2 in addressing the requirements and problems of a given project scenario. The candidate is required to:

  • Produce exhaustive descriptions of entire principles, processes and themes and working examples of every PRINCE2 product as they can be used to address any specific circumstance in a provided project setting

  • Demonstrate they comprehend the relations between principles, processes and themes & the PRINCE2 products and will be apply to use this understanding

  • Establish that they comprehend the details behind principles, processes and themes, and they recognize the principles behind these fundamentals

  • Establish their capability to adapt PRINCE2 to various project settings.

Main Points to learn

PRINCE2 Overview

  • PRINCE2 and the Bigger Picture

  • seven Processes

  • seven Principles

  • seven Themes


  • Making the project managing team

  • Describing responsibilities and roles

  • Altering the project authority to various kinds of projects

Beginning of a Project

  • Stating a Project Briefing

  • The crucial Business Case

Initiating the Project

  • Formulating project Policies for Risk, Communications and Quality

  • Making a Project Plan

  • Gathering Project Instigation Document


  • Outlining Client Quality Prospects

  • Quality supervision, control and planning


  • Stages of the plan & the planning prospect

  • Utilising the Creation Based Design technique

  • Writing Product Descriptions documents

Advancement and Alteration

  • Technical and Management phases

  • Managing by exception

  • Handling Concerns and alteration

  • Managing by stages


  • Outlining Risk managing plan

  • Utilising a Risk managing protocol

  • Applying suitable risk managing responses

Directing the Project

  • Approving project instigation

  • Approving the project & individual stages

  • Providing ad-hoc course and routing through difficulties

Running the Project

  • Regulating the Stage: organising project teams & work packages

  • Working Product Delivery: construct and examine products

  • Handling Stage Boundary:  glance back, see the bigger picture, glance forward towards the further stages

Finishing the Project

  • Intended and untimely close

  • Assessing the project

  • Writing the End Project and Lessons Learned Reports

In the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam six of the questions will be on the PRINCE2 themes – Business Case, Organization, Quality, Progress, Risk, Plans and Change.

The rest two questions will be about the PRINCE2 Processes.  For the exam, the processes are organized into three groups:

  • Opening Up a Project & Initiating it

  • Leading a Project, Handling a Stage Boundary and Finishing a Project

  • Supervising a Stage and Handling Product

In case you have not seen already that the 7 PRINCE2 Principles & the Appendices aren't incorporated here. Nevertheless, they might still be asked in the exam. The Process groups and Themes mentioned above are just the basis for every question. The Practitioner is all about knowing how the entire mechanism works collectively.

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