Project management has become an integral part of our world today that has the science of research as a key means to achieving ground breaking discoveries. PMP stands for Project Management Professional. This is someone who has passed the PMP exam. Before one starts talking about how to study for PMP certifications there are some basic things that one must know first as this will facilitate one's understanding of this whole topic on PMP certifications.

What is PMP?

As was earlier stated PMP is an acronym that represents Project Management Professional. This individual is one who by passing a series of exams as scheduled in accordance to the PMP syllabus has been vested with a lot of knowledge in Project Management. Project Management comprises of a lot of processes aimed at achieving a predefined aim. The processes involved in project management include planning, motivating, procedures, controlling resources and protocols. All geared towards solving a specific scientific problem.

What is the role of a Project Management Professional?

The importance of this question has two streams. First the role of the PMP stems from the functions of Project Management. And it is also in appreciating this role that we will be able to see the benefits of pursuing after a Project Management professional certification. This will then take us to what one needs to study for PMP certifications. Taking it like this will help you the reader to properly appreciate in a proper contextual view the information that is been passed out in this article. We have said what project management entails as listed above. So we will understand from that what the role of a Project Management Professional is. He or She is the one decked with the responsibility that the aims and objectives of the project are achieved in a way that the set guidelines and rules governing the project are not breached. They are also to ensure that the project is done not just according to specifications but also within the available budget. From this their role we can begin to appreciate the value of what they do.

We started by saying a lot in our world today was achieved through research carried out in the form of projects. This is still ongoing up until this moment; both big and small scale kind of projects. Thus the need of a Project Management Professional is of great importance in ensuring the success of these projects.

Project Management Certifications

But to be a Project Management Professional one needs to take a series of exams and pass them. Areas that one would need to study for PMP certifications include:

  • Initiating a Project

  • Planning a Project

  • Executing a Project

  • Monitoring a Project and

  • Concluding the Project

These are areas that one would need to study to have a good grasp of what it will take to pass the Project Management exams and become certified in the field of project management. There are many study materials that one would need to use to prepare for the project management certification and one of the important ones is the Guide to Project Management Body of Knowledge also known as the PMBOK Guide. It is one of the good guides that are available to passing the Project Management certification. There are also a lot of study materials online and websites that offer great study tools to getting the Project Management Certification.

Other Important facts to know about PMP Certifications

  • PMP Certifications has eligibility requirements and one would want to be sure that they are eligible to apply for this certification before paying any fee, or buying any material to use.

  • The exam consist of 200 multiple choice questions (MCQs) but the candidate is only tested on 175 questions because 25 of the questions are used to regulate and grade people's ability in the test. They are sample questions use to access general performance among candidates. This means that candidates are neither marked down or up for failing or passing such questions.

  • PMP certification is one of the top rated IT certification careers and so individuals with this certification will get the advantage of good jobs with reasonable pay.

These are important facts that one must be aware of when it comes to Project Management Professional Certification. If one chooses to go through with this certification then they must remain focused and disciplined throughout the preparations. PMP Certification still remains one of the most valuable certifications in the IT World.

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