There are many people who would like to become PHR certified because they have come to see its obvious benefits especially in our world today that getting a job is not the easiest thing to do. This people need to be abreast with the preparation tricks of PHR and a proper understanding of what it takes to succeed in the PHR certification. But for anyone not familiar with the terms used so far in this article it is important that we do not continue without bringing them up to speed with the whole concept of PHR.

What is PHR?

This is the first question that this article must answer. PHR is an acronym that stands for Professional in Human Resource Management. Unlike in some generations before now, human resource has greatly evolved into a lucrative profession. This can easily be seen in regards to the role of a human resource manager. Gone are the days were all a human resource manager was needed to do was to help in employee recruitment and organisation. Today, human resources now have far wider tentacles reaching into various segment of an organisation, firm or company. Helping them in constructing financial plans for their employees, fostering good working environment for their employees that will lead to better output, creating both a competitive environment and one that offers benefits to employees based on efficacy and productivity. This is also to the fact that human resources deals with the training and orientation of new employees. All this leads to better output in whatever area or field the employer is in. This is another thing that makes human resources management very lucrative. This is because all firms, professions and companies would need a human resources development. Be it in the medical field, legal field, engineering field etc. So there is no limitation to where a human resource professional can work.

Importance of PHR certification

Having stated the above, it is quite obvious what the benefits of PHR certification would be. First there will be job availability and good job security considering the fact that most companies tend not to lay off professionals whenever a company is going through a financial turmoil. It is the regular workers that usually fall in the first cut. Then there is better pay because, as a professional one's pay is always going to be higher than that of a non professional human resource manager. Not to mention the satisfaction that is derived from the fact that one has reached a reasonable height in their field and this itself brings joy and a sense of fulfilment.

Okay, I want to become certified

After one has considered all this, they may no doubt come to the conclusion that being PHR certified is a good deal especially in the present economically distressing times that we find ourselves. However it must be noted that being certified is not a simple straight forward process. It takes a lot of discipline and hard work. Not to mention putting one's experience into good use. There are many experienced human resources managers who are out-ranked by professionals who are less experienced simply because the latter chose to become PHR certified. This brings us to some of the important tricks to remember when one makes the vital decision of becoming PHR certified.

  • No Need to Fear: It is true that PHR certification requires one taking a 3hour long exam with 175 multiple choice questions. But there is not any need to be scared. The reason is fear is tied to risk and benefits. The benefit of taking the exams well outweighs the risk which is that one may fail. Failing is not as easy as it appears, considering there are sites that offer money back guaranty if their resources doesn't help you pass. This goes to show how confident some sites are in their ability to help you pass, you too must share the same optimism.

  • Worst Case Scenario: The worst case scenario is not that you fail, but that you gather sufficient knowledge and experience that will be vital for passing in the future and helping you to become a better human resources manager. This is assuming you fail; but this fact helps one to relax their nerves, and this is a potential success tonic.

  • Success Stories: Another important trick is to read less of the failure stories and more of the success stories and how those who made it did it. It will keep you positive all through the preparatory process and most often than not give you a similar outcome which is what you desire – SUCCESS.

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